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Kids, Drums & Freebies!

26 Jan

Deal Goblin Freebies

Ok so I got some um well “Junk” Mail in my mailbox yesterday, yes my real mailbox. You know that lil black thing out by the street with the funny lil red flag on it. That some person who is most likely homicidal sticks stuff in 6 days out of the week, rain, snow or shine..LOL

  Well my 9 year old son Scott sees me bringin in the mail and asks “Mom what did we get?” I of course responds “Just junk mail hun.” and I lay it on my bed.

  Like 2 hours later Im helping him with his school work (I home school him) and we are working on a Search A Word and hes struggling with finding the words and focusing on one word, one line of letters etc.

  So I reach over and grab this piece of “Junk Mail” and I use it to block off all the lines of letters so he can search one line at a time and focus. All of a sudden he’s readin the blasted junk mail!

  I’m like “DUDE! Pay Attention here!” He’s all “MOM! Look! Drum Lessons!” and hes all excited. I spent the next hour trying to talk him into Piano or Guitar Lessons since we have a piano and 2 guitars.

  But Ohhh Nooooo that will never do of course. He’s a 9 year old boy and he wants Drum Lessons or Nothing! Probably doesnt help that my boyfriends son has a set of drums either.

  Sooo here I am a widowed, single mother trying to figure out how I’m gonna not only pay for the drum lessons but buy him a set of drums too. Since this is the 1st time he’s taken any interest in musical instruments I can’t really pass it up as I’m a musician myself and I would love it if he learned something musical besides Rock and Rap…LOL.

  So I wracked my brain all day yesterday and all night and thought about finding a way to raise a few bucks so I can do this for him cause his heart is really, really set on learning the drums.

  Well I found a way! And All of you can help me and it wont cost you anything but a little bit of time. I have a site here that is Full of all kinds of Really Cool, Free or Cheap stuff you can do.

  For every Action someone takes from this site I will make some money that will go to Scott’s Drum Set and Lessons.

So do me a favor go to this link find a couple things you can do and help me get my 9 year old son (Scott) something he deserves and something that will help further his intelect, he’s already a pretty smart kid. Maybe he will be the next Einstein or something..LOL

Here’s that link just a couple simple lil actions and you can help me help Scott.

Or you can like the Facebook page and help us get it out there to more peeps. Anything you can do will help even just Tweeting it.

Thank you all Very Very Much my son and I both appreciate all your efforts.
Krazy Kaye Towne


Most Effective Blog Widgets & Plugins

25 Jan

I came across what looked like a decent book called “Most Effective and Useful Blog Widgets and Plugins” and thought “Cool! I can finally learn about  Widgets for my blogs.” Then I went to buy it and it was $9.00 and I thought “Hmmmm? I bet I can find that cheaper”.

  Well I found it CHEAP Enough I can offer it to you with all the Master Resell Rights for $6.00! You can’t beat that. Oh and this is an intro price, Friday I’m gonna raise the price up.

  Now I would love to list some of whats in the book here for you to see but when I opened it up my eyes Popped Out of me head! Its Loaded with Pages N Pages of Widgets. Tells ya what they do, where to get them and everything.

This E-Book is like a Bomb just waiting to Explode!

Ok I cant Help it Heres just a Hint of whats in it:

  • Danga Software Powered
  • Themed Blog Sites
  • WordPress Powered
  • Other Blog Platforms
  • 10 Essential Blogger Plugins and Blogger Widgets
  • Best WordPress Widgets 2011
  • 50 Best WordPress Plugins and Widgets for Power Blogging


Each of these is just the Topics! Theres Pages n Pages of info on each subject and as you can see its not Just for Word Press.

If your a blogger go snatch it up quick cause this thing is gonna help you in more ways than I can begin to try and tell you.

This  E-Books turned out to be Way More than what I thought it would have. I really thought I might just learn a lil bit from it but Dang I’m totally Blown Away with the content in it.

You can Snatch Up Your Copy for Just $6.00 with all the Master Resell Rights!

Most Effective Blog Widgets & Plugins

I will be Raising the Price on Friday 1-27-12 so hurry and grab your copy now while its cheap!

Have a Great Day

Krazy Kaye


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What are you doing today?

15 Dec


Thursdays at 3:00 pm EST
Everything Membership Site Related with Robert Puddy

NLA Will Teach You What You Need to Know:

Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew…

Where’s Your Funny Bone? BRING IT!

And yes thats a challange :) Bring your jokes and your smiles and join us for an hour of some relaxation, chit chat, jokes and just about anything that can put a smile on all our faces before the weekend.

My Moto – Why do it, if you don’t enjoy it :)

Today at 4:00 PM EST Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew in the SWAT Room…

We (The Krew) Hope you will come join us and Become a Happy, Smiling, Laughing Part of Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew :)

Please bring your Funny Bones and any Marketing Questions you may want help with or advice you would like to share as well.

4:00 PM EST SWAT Room:

We have also started more Webinars, Marilyn Martin and Jonathan Black are joining us in SWAT Room you can now find the new calendar on the SWAT Room Page above, there is also a link to enter the room on there.

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