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Kids, Drums & Freebies!

26 Jan

Deal Goblin Freebies

Ok so I got some um well “Junk” Mail in my mailbox yesterday, yes my real mailbox. You know that lil black thing out by the street with the funny lil red flag on it. That some person who is most likely homicidal sticks stuff in 6 days out of the week, rain, snow or shine..LOL

  Well my 9 year old son Scott sees me bringin in the mail and asks “Mom what did we get?” I of course responds “Just junk mail hun.” and I lay it on my bed.

  Like 2 hours later Im helping him with his school work (I home school him) and we are working on a Search A Word and hes struggling with finding the words and focusing on one word, one line of letters etc.

  So I reach over and grab this piece of “Junk Mail” and I use it to block off all the lines of letters so he can search one line at a time and focus. All of a sudden he’s readin the blasted junk mail!

  I’m like “DUDE! Pay Attention here!” He’s all “MOM! Look! Drum Lessons!” and hes all excited. I spent the next hour trying to talk him into Piano or Guitar Lessons since we have a piano and 2 guitars.

  But Ohhh Nooooo that will never do of course. He’s a 9 year old boy and he wants Drum Lessons or Nothing! Probably doesnt help that my boyfriends son has a set of drums either.

  Sooo here I am a widowed, single mother trying to figure out how I’m gonna not only pay for the drum lessons but buy him a set of drums too. Since this is the 1st time he’s taken any interest in musical instruments I can’t really pass it up as I’m a musician myself and I would love it if he learned something musical besides Rock and Rap…LOL.

  So I wracked my brain all day yesterday and all night and thought about finding a way to raise a few bucks so I can do this for him cause his heart is really, really set on learning the drums.

  Well I found a way! And All of you can help me and it wont cost you anything but a little bit of time. I have a site here that is Full of all kinds of Really Cool, Free or Cheap stuff you can do.

  For every Action someone takes from this site I will make some money that will go to Scott’s Drum Set and Lessons.

So do me a favor go to this link find a couple things you can do and help me get my 9 year old son (Scott) something he deserves and something that will help further his intelect, he’s already a pretty smart kid. Maybe he will be the next Einstein or something..LOL

Here’s that link just a couple simple lil actions and you can help me help Scott.

Or you can like the Facebook page and help us get it out there to more peeps. Anything you can do will help even just Tweeting it.

Thank you all Very Very Much my son and I both appreciate all your efforts.
Krazy Kaye Towne


Slightly Supersticious?

13 Jan

Did you realize today is Friday the 13th? Well I can promise you I (Kaye) sure did! I happen to be well um slightly supersticious.

My family teases me cause I toss spilt salt over my shoulder, I do my best not to step on cracks or lines in sidewalks and pavements, I keep a Broom mounted in my house (actually I have 2 of them..LOL) I gift new home owners with a broom and when any of us move from an old home I make sure we leave the old broom in the old house.

I know, whats with the brooms right? Well old wives tales teach us that brooms are used to sweep the bad stuff (dust, dirt, evil spirits) out of our home. Therefore bringing an old broom and all its attachments to “Bad Stuff” into a new home suposedly brings all the “Bad Stuff” into the new home. I believe this so strongly that when my daughter and son n laws house burned down last year and they began construction on the new home I bought them a new broom.

That was all good until they ran into problems with a very shoddy contractor. Now over a year later they are Finally getting the last inspection on their new house and will be moving into it hopefully this month. So here I have been for this entire year with a Brand New Broom in my bedroom closet. I haven’t let anyone touch it or use it. There it sits just waiting to be taken to their new home and used to Sweep Out All the “Bad Stuff”

If you think this is bad you should see what happens when we are working on remodeling the house (which we’ve been doing off and on for almost 5 years now). Oh and lets not forget 5 years of the same in the house prior to this one. So for the last 10 years I have been dodging ladders. I am absolutely Convinced Ladders are the Bain of a Suspicios Persons exsistance!

And my family are not nice about it either. The just love watching me try to figure out how to get Around a ladder instead of going under it so they will move them around when Im not looking. Their favorite is to move one on the other side of a doorway they know I have to go through in hopes I will walk through and under the ladder before I realize its there. So far I have managed to avoid them.

This became very noticable this summer when we had the ladder up against the house to work on the swamp cooler (red neck airconditioner).  We were having a Bar B Q and where the ladder was located was right next to the grill. So to get to the table and chairs you either had to go under the ladder or all the way around the porch, its railing and all the way across the entire back yard (a much longer route).

And NO! it wasnt me this time. Here’s my daughter and I sitting at the table and my son Scott (9 years old) comes walking out and gets all the way to where the ladder and Bar B  are located and he just stands there. He looks up at the ladder then at the Bar B Q then he just stands there and wont walk any farther. We notice him standing there looking perplexed and start to giggle.

Finally I show some mercy and ask Scott “Hun whats wrong? Come on over here with us.” Scott promptly replies ” I can’t! The ladder is in my way!” My daughter says “Scott just walk under it.” Scotts eyes grow huge and he says “No Way! Thats Bad Luck! If I walk under that ladder then Everything in the Whole World will fall on my head!” at this point of course we totally loose it and cant stop laughing.

He of course is now mad at us and tromps back across the porch around the railing and across the yard to join us at the table. Flops his lil butt down in a chair crosses his arms and says “Its NOT FUNNY!” (insert child like humph here) then he says “Ladders are very dangerous and if you walk under one you get bad luck forever and Im only 9, Forever is a Really Long Time for Me!”.

Needless to say we about died laughing and realized I need to um well cover up my superstitions just a bit more so that they dont affect my son quite so much and he ends up affraid of every inanimate object on Earth..LOL.

Ok enough of my silly stories lets get on with today’s info so you can go get ya some good luck with our in house Surf Code!

Have a Lucky 13th!

Krazy Kaye

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Special Thrashn Thursday, KKKK & An Invitation

12 Jan

Hello There Everyone!

  Hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been Insanely Busy to put it lightly. Thank you all for being so patient, it means more than you can imagine.

  I have a Very Special Favor to ask of each of you. I have my very 1st Guest Appearance Webinar tonight Thursday 1-12-12 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. I would really truly and dearly appreciate ya’lls support.

  I will be discussing I.M. (Internet Marketing) Writing. The Top 10 IM Writing Mistakes. Writing, whether its, an email like this, a splash page, text ad or banner ad is something each and everyone of us Needs to know in this business. So come on over to Kay Brashers Room and I’ll give ya some pointers.

Kay Brasher Interviews Krazy Kaye:

You have to register and get the link from an email with this particular conference hosting.

Hope to see you there.



Thursdays at 3:00 pm EST
Everything Membership Site Related with Robert Puddy

NLA Will Teach You What You Need to Know:


Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew…

My Motto – Why do it, if you don’t enjoy it :)

Today at 4:00 PM EST Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew in the SWAT Room…

4:00 PM EST SWAT Room:


Today is SPECIAL Thrashn Thursday!

Now remember the goal on Thursdays is to Literally Thrash the Volcano and build up your advertising for the weekend. So don’t forget to assign Credits/Banners/Texts. No sense letting them sit their and gather dust, that wont do your biz any good.

Come on in Click on “Enter Surf Code” on the Menu. Put in the code “Thrashin” then just Surf 200 pages and you will be Automatically awarded…. $0.05/100/200/500

Oh and I’m pretty positive the Cash I loaded up in the Prize Pages Secretly the other day are mostly still there (I’ll double check to be sure) and um how much ya wanna bet I forget to change the Surf Timer back up from the 5 Seconds I set it to earlier?

Click Here To THRASH IT!

Tear It Up!
Krazy Kaye N Ray Casey

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1-5-12 Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew…

04 Jan

Where’s Your Funny Bone? BRING IT!

And yes thats a challange :) Bring your jokes and your smiles and join us for an hour of some relaxation, chit chat, jokes and just about anything that can put a smile on all our faces before the weekend.

My Moto – Why do it, if you don’t enjoy it :)

Today at 4:00 PM EST Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew in the SWAT Room…

We (The Krew) Hope you will come join us and Become a Happy, Smiling, Laughing Part of Krazy Kaye’s Komedy Krew :)

Please bring your Funny Bones and any Marketing Questions you may want help with or advice you would like to share as well.

4:00 PM EST SWAT Room:

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12 Days Of Christmas Begins!!!

24 Dec

History Of The 12 Days Of Yule Tradition


 Today begins our 12 Days Of Christmas Celebration. It will run from Today December 25 until January 5, 2011.

  These are the original and traditional 12 Days of Christmas that used to be referred to as Yule.

  Yule is the original Winter Celebrations that people used to cheer themselves up during the cold winter months.

  This celebration has been going on for well over 5000 years! It is not only a Christian holiday. Many other Regligions and Civilizations have been celebrating this time of year for various reasons and in various ways.

  In the Middle Ages one of the favorite entertainments was to pick the King or Fool of Yule, almost always a man, hmm I wonder why..LOL.

  The King/Fool of Yule’s job was to spend the 12 Days making jokes, pulling pranks and generally entertaining everyone.

  The other big event during this holiday was on December 25th all the men gathered and went out to bring in the Yule Log.

  Now this was not just any Log it was actually a TREE! Fireplaces in those days were big enough for a man to walk into standing upright.

  What they would do is light the Yule Log/Fire and it would be carefully tended for the 12 Days. It was bad luck for the entire community if the fire went out.

On this note lets get started on Our Own 12 Days of Christmas TE Style!

On The 1st Day of Christmas My TE Gave To Meeeeee……

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